Boy Dog Collars with Detachable Bow Tie

Boy Dog Collars with Detachable Bow Tie

Adorable matching boy dog collars with detachable bow ties. These collars will melt your heart and make your dog look like the prince he is! Custom made for large dogs and small dogs - Dashounds, Frenchies, Golden Retrievers and all the popular breeds. Shop boy dog collars now!

Bow Tie Collars for Large Dogs & Small Dogs

Adorable Boy Dog Collars with Detachable Bow Ties. Custom made for all sized dogs, for Dachshunds, Frenchies, Pugs, or Poodles. Check out our size chart to get the right fit for your doggo. If in doubt Medium fits a Corgi up to a Golden Retriever.

Cute Bow Tie Patterns

From Cartoon cute patterns to handsome plaid pattern dog Bow Tie collars, we have it all!  Dress up boy doggo or puppy with these boy dog collars with a removable dog bow tie. 

Handmade from quality cotton you will adore this new look! Shop our adorable dog bow tie collars today. 


Mighty Fine Canine Dog Collars AND Harnesses

Our collars are hand crafted to the highest quality. We love these boy dog collars and whenever our dog models are at the dog park they get complimented on how dashing they look! If your dog is a puller we recommend buying a harness and having the boy dog collars for downtime when they will not be pulling. There are some adorable combos that match our dog collars with bow ties!