Girl Dog Collars

Pink Dog Collars & Girl Dog Collars

Look no further you have found our unique pink dog collars and other colours that are sure to impress! Adorable 100% Cotton gorgeous handmade Girl Dog Collars with flowers. Our Dog Flower Collars come in elegant and cute colour schemes for ladies and pups!


This removable dog collar flower accessory dresses up your little lady, adding elegance and style to any outing.


Pink Cheetah Print Dog Collars

Let your pup show off her feminine side with our range of flower collars. From pretty leopard print pink collars with a detachable flower OR try the leopard prink pink collar with a detachable bow tie. 


Floral Print Girl Dog Collars

You may also love our stunning floral patterns: 

 - a white floral print girl dog collar with a detachable flower

 - a grey and ruby red collar with a detachable flower

 - a light blue girl dog collar with a detachable flower


All of these are delightful! Try to resist buying them all.


Girl Dog Collars

Shop the range of unique designs that will have your gorgeous dog stand out! Our collars are custom-made to fit almost all breeds, check out our size graph to find the perfect fit for your pretty pooch!