Donations to Rescue Dogs

A little about Chunk he is a rescue dog from AARCS, along with our beautiful Maya who is unfortunately no longer with us (due to age she lived her best life being absolutely spoilt). Both were rescued my AARCS and Maya was a wild anorexic animal with a large litter of puppies who had never been owned, while Chunk was an abandoned puppy when he was homes. He was not in as rough shape as Maya and was easily domesticated, however Maya took time to earn her trust and love. She was rehomed with my wonderful Mother in law and Partner, I came into these doggos lives when they were fully trained dogs, except for when deciding to be sassy. But the journey of rescuing is tough and earning your dog's trust and love, you do have to be patient with them but I can guarantee that once it is earned it is a powerful connection and something to be proud of! 

I know that Chunk and Maya's rescue stories are able to be heard without crying and getting furious at mankind, but a lot of dogs are neglected, abused, and even tortured so the donations will go to rescue facilities that help pay for surgery, to home these animals, and find care for them. At the moment, I am a small business and don't want to commit to too many charities and not be able to make a difference for any so for the moment I will donate only to AARCS and as I scale I will create a registration page for other charities in time. Thank you for your patience, all your kindness you truly make this world a better place. If I can share posts, pages, events, or somehow support you please don't hesitate to contact me at 

How am I helping?

Part of our profits annually are donates, so every dollar you spend with us helps! Dog lovers like you can help animals just by shopping for your pup or click the link above to donate directly to AARCs or Google your local Humane Society, Rescue or Foster Locations and donate today! The proceeds we give to AARCs will help give veterinary care, food, shelter and love to animals who need it most.